ITIL Overview – 07 Key Concepts and Summary

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, abbreviated as ITIL®, is a widely known and globally accepted practice/certification in IT Service Management. In the last few years, a huge buzz is created around ITIL®, and more organizations have started implementing ITIL® framework to improve efficiency, and attain predictable service levels.

Though everyone agrees that ITIL® is important in today’s competitive business environment, yet so many professionals and managers working in IT environment does not know what ITIL® is all about. This article accordingly will explain a couple of things that will help you to obtain a clear idea on ITIL®, and to understand why ITIL® is important today?

What is ITIL®?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a set of best practices, used by the organizations to design, implement, operate, and maintain IT services. It provides a structure for managing and delivering services with enhanced customer experiences, making it easier for the organizations to achieve high levels of business performance.

ITIL® is drawn to support business needs, and enables the organizations to reduce their operational costs by improving the ways different teams interact and manage with the IT infrastructure. ITIL® combines people, technology, processes, and partners, and if implemented properly, it changes the organizational structure, quality, productivity, service management, and customer satisfaction levels.

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