Benefits of Storing Big Data on Cloud

Big Data and Cloud Computing, these are the two trending technologies that have created big hype in global market. Taken separately, both big data and cloud technologies have turned to be highly beneficial to organizations, offering a competitive market edge to escalated business opportunities. Though, each technology worth on its own credibility, many organizations found to have successfully deployed one or both the technologies already.

Earlier, organizations used to deploy large-scale big data resources, which usually costs more. But, after the advent of cloud computing, organizations have started to understand the significance of storing huge amounts of data on cloud platform for better analysis of both structured and unstructured data. Using cloud computing technology, companies are enabled to integrate data from multiple sources and databases for delivering efficient results with consistent market performance.

Though the benefits that come by using big data analytics on cloud platform are too vast to discuss in a single article, yet we have tried the best to state some of the top benefits that the businesses will experience by integrating these two technologies.

1. Cost Cutting

For companies, it will be a larger drain on their financial budgets to perform big data analytics on-premise, and to maintain big data centers physically. However, the budget will certainly decline progressively by using the cloud services. Migrating/storing data onto cloud platform is a broader move for every business, and hosting big data analytics combines these two trending technologies into a single package.

It does not mean companies are completing abandoning their in-house big data centers, they are instead reducing their dependence on these resources by maintaining a small and efficient data centers. This approach enables the companies to cut the costs of buying on-premise infrastructure and equipment.

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